Welcome to Golden Hive Recording Studio in Prague!
If you want to book your recording session, please, get in touch with Markéta at ma.broumova@gmail.com or +420728778327.


Golden Hive Recording Studio in Prague is a space for audio recordings of all kinds.

Sound engineers:

Amak Golden

Filip Jelínek

Bert Neven

Mikoláš Müller

Ondřej Lukeš

Mastering engineer:

Ron Synovitz 

For past projects overview go to Projects site.

Golden HIVE, Prague (formerly Golden Digital Studio – HIVE) has changed its name because it is not just digital recording.

We can record your band live in the studio or as overdubs onto 1-inch 15 ips 12-track or 24-track tape and mix/master to 1/4-inch 15 ips stereo production master reel.

For analog purists, Golden HIVE can record, mix and master your music completely in the analog realm from start to finish.

Meanwhile, our digital recording and mastering is still “golden,” using outboard pre-amps of the highest caliber, and an outboard Manley analog processing chain (compression, passive parametric EQ and electrical optical peak limiting) that can’t be beat.

A/D and D/A conversion using Apogee Symphony


System LOGIC PRO using:

1 x Apogee Symphony; 2 x Apogee Ensemble (A/D D/A conversion with 8 balanced I/Os; four channels of Apogee digital preamps).

Apple Mac PowerPC 4 core 9 GB ram with 2 x large monitor screens

Macbook Pro 17-inch screen with 2.5GHz Intel Core i7; memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5)

Macbook Pro 15-inch retina screen with 2.7GHz Intel Core i7; memory 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (Mac OSX 10.8.4)


M Powered on Digi 002 compatible with Pro Tools le. 24 input channels via adat.


1 x Manley Variable Mu stereo compressor

1 x Manley Massive Passive stereo parametric EQ

1 x Universal Audio 6176 channel strip = UA 610 single channel tube pre-amp with UA 1176LN FET compressor

1 x Langevin DVC dual channel pre-amp with Electrical Optical Limiters (ELOP) and shelf EQ

1 x AEA TRP, ‘The Ribbon Pre’ dual channel pre-amp with +84db clean gain

1 x Vintech “Dual 72” dual channel pre-amp

1 x True Systems P-Solo single channel pre-amp

1 x Joe Meek Studio Channel VC1 with photo optical compressor and enhancer, single channel

1 x DBX 2231 31-band stereo graphic EQ with peak limiter and Type III noise reduction

1 x DBX 1046 quad compressor/limiter

1 x BBE 882i sonic maximizer

1 x Lexicon MX300 digital reverb/delay effects rack


2 x Neumann U87 LDC
1 x Neumann TLM49 LDC

1 x Royer R-121 ribbon mic

1 x AEA R92 ribbon mic

2 x Sennheiser MD441
4 x Sennheiser MD421
1 x Sennheiser e865 handheld supercardiod (48v)
3 x Sennheiser e835
1 x Sennheiser e906
3 x Sennheiser e604

2 x Electrovoice Re20

1 x Blue “Baby Bottle” LDC

1 x AKG C 3000B LDC
2 x AKG D112
1 x AKG D130 omni

3 x Shure SM81 pencil condensers
1 x Shure KSM27 LDC
2 x vintage Shure A10
1 x Shure SM7b
2 x Shure SM58
5 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure “Super SM55”
1 x Shure “Green Bullet”

1 x Audio Technica AT3528 pencil condenser

2 x Rode NT5 pencil condensers

2 x Oktava MK319 LDC (with upgrade mods)

1 x Audix i5

1 x Joe Meek JM47 LDC


2 x Adam A-7 nearfield control room monitors

1 x Adam Sub 10 mk2 subwoofer

1 x Mackie HMX56 matrix mixer/amplifier for 6 headphones, five input channels with separate mixing capabilities for each musician.

PA. RCF 2 x 500watts with 24-channel Soundcraft console or Mackie 1604 VLZ3 16-channel mixboard.

Small monitor PA, 2 x 300watts with power mix 4 inputs

1 x Yamaha Stagepas powered monitor, 150 watts

2 x Yamaha mix board; 16 channels each


Markéta Broumová